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I've always seen the New Year as a moment of wonder and reset. Taking time to be present, to dream, to have a look at how our year might look like, letting go of preconceived things, allows me to to have a better view on whats next for me.

I rarely make New Year Resolutions though. I try to give a direction of where I would like to be one year from now, with whom, and where, and I just work to make things happen. As last year showed me, by the end of the period, your meticulous plan might end up being overwhelming and different.
Each year, I try to review my working habits and personal patterns. Based on this assessment process, I try to change and improve, in order to increase my productivity and to achieve personal goals.

So, I believe is more important to have everything in order, keep an open mind, and actually start working on things.
Jeanne Crain in the motion picture Home in Indiana

For this blog, I have in mind a few ideas. The first of them is to switch the language from Romanian to English. When necessary, I will keep the posts in Romanian. Also, I am changing the series of web articles to the series 5 links. Other changes are on their way.

Thank you for reading my posts and looking forward for a new, exciting online year!



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