Welcome to my space!

Navigating the intricate realms of leadership, management, and fostering positive change, I've been fortunate to wear various professional hats, each echoing my deep-rooted passion for uplifting women in the corporate sphere. As the current COO of a financial company, my role pivots around decision-making, strategic planning, and ensuring seamless operations. My association as a Board Member for the Global Women TechLeader and UniHub-The Entrepreneurship Society for Students mirrors my enthusiasm for technology, empowerment, and young entrepreneurial spirits.

However, one of the roles closest to my heart is that of a Lecturer, where I guide aspiring women leaders, sharing insights, and paving the way for them to confidently step into management roles. My tryst with communication, marketing, and leveraging technology for societal good has enriched my professional journey and finds a voice on this blog.

For a deeper dive into my professional endeavors, feel free to explore my professional journey on Linkedin or drop me a line at steliana.moraru@gmail.com. Let’s engage, exchange, and evolve together!

Please note: The perspectives shared here are solely mine and are not endorsed by or reflective of my employers or partners.

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