Motivation is a marathon. 3 ideas to experiment with

The question of How to keep your team motivated pops up in various discussions with managers. The reasons vary, but with the increasing generation gap (think Millenials are coming), learning this is a process that requires adjustment. Feedback helps us adjust the work behaviour and keeps the motivation level high.
Gathering knowledge across a couple of years, there are a few ideas that stuck:
  • show people progress by emphasising small advancements towards the bigger goal
  • find incentives outside the material resources
  • challenge your own daily routines
Give intrinsic incentives? Show the small steps towards progress? Some of us do question this approach. Myself, after having experienced with working in international team, I’ve realised how important is to find the right, creative ways to keep people engaged, to work towards same goals while being happy and productive.
For you to experiment new techniques, here are some means to better engage the teams:
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