How I got job Interview - “I’m Not A Big Fan Of Romanticised Career Stories,Most Of The Times We Are Talking About A Combination Of Hard Work, Drive, Good Compromise And Ambition”

How Was Your University Time?

I have very fond memories of my time as a student at the National University of Political Science and Administration, one of the best colleges in my native country, Romania. The professors, the topics and, most important, the access to numerous extra-curricular activities paved my way to the professional I am today.
These memories include my first official job, my time as a volunteer for several local and international nonprofits, and the first open door in the tech world. Actually, it was in my second year of University when I discovered my interest in technology, during my time within the Ministry of Communication.
During University, I’ve worked on several projects about e-government, having the advantage of catching a glimpse into a future that I’ve only read in sci-fi books and contributing to very forward-thinking projects. Later on, I’ve joined an organization working in e-government research and I’ve been part of 2 regional studies on the topic, which also gave me the possibility to be a speaker twice at the World Summit on Information Society.
What I would like to emphasize about my University time, something I’ve become very supportive for is that each student should have at least a community project or a volunteer experience during their college years, even from a younger age. It’s such a transformative period, and it’s the perfect time to experiment, to be curious and to shape your leadership skills, without most of the job/career precision that comes afterward.
I always encourage my students from the Leadership seminar I’ve taught to seek out the balance between enjoyment and achievement, even if sometimes might be hard to balance classes with other projects. It’s my true belief that only the ones who go for that extra mile reach to the top, so why not start early? 

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