Global Women in Tech offline launch at How to Web

How to Web is the most important event in web business and technology in South-Eastern Europe.  For two full days, How to Web brings under the same roof leading innovators, entrepreneurs & professionals for hands-on talks on products, business, tech innovations, and global web trends.

At its 8th edition, Global Women in Tech took the floor, for the first time, within the Tech Leadership panel focused on Diversity, Inclusion & Innovation, moderated by Steliana Moraru (Head of Marketing and Strategy GWiT).

Simona Șandru - President and Founder GWiT:

“Women are underrepresented in numbers, in companies. We all know and the studies already showed that diverse teams perform better. This leads to innovation, to progress”.

Focusing on Romania, the numbers show that in our country, we have a number of women in technology above the average and also women have above the average salaries. But when it comes to integration of women in the workforce, we come with an interesting legacy. Looking at demographics, women need to start the training as soon as possible, even earlier than university, in order to get help with vocational training.

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